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Mistress Sidonia is a sexy blonde mistress who also has an interest in science. Today she is experimenting with milking; after all, men have nipples, who says that you can’t extract a little milk out of them? She binds and gags her subject, tying him to her chair to ensure he cannot escape her grasp. She spreads his leg and gives his dick a nice hard thwack, getting this english tension started. He moans in his place and she gives him a shot before hooking him up to her fancy machine to see what she can get out of him.

English Tension

Femdom Mistress EnglishTension Training


How do you train your dog? With love, care, and a lot of leather, of course. This hot blonde mistress is training dogs daily in the English Mansion, trying to teach them the real meaning of english tension. First she bends him over, making his knees hit the floor as she sits on his back, putting all of her weight down on his shoulders. He loves the pain so she turns around and yanks his chain, making sure he knows his place. She demands he walk around the room with her on his back and he does, so she gives him a treat in the form of a knee to the dick.

English Tension

Femdom EnglishTension Stroking

This blonde femdom is about to show this lowly bastard the true meaning of english tension. She straps on her favorite leather boots and a tight leather bustier and shoves him below her. She spreads her legs and lets him look at her sweet pussy through her nylon, but he can’t touch it yet. This drives him mad and she knows it but this Englishtension is not about to be relieved any time soon. She stands him up and gives him a quick stroke and a knee before knocking him down again. His swollen member is starting to hurt, but that’s the way she likes it.

English Tension